Coin Master Free Spins: 5 Ways To Get Free Spins One Would Tell You About

coin master free spins

The popularity factor of Coin Master can be evaluated from its total number of downloads; 81+ million. And in our honest opinion, Moon Active’s ability to engage the Coin Master’s player-base through proactive, innovative, and passive gameplay updates, events, and competitive measures is unrivaled when it comes to mobile games. Whether it’s the moreish nature of the Slots Machine, the adventures of collecting missing cards, the dopamine-rush of attacking and raiding your enemies, or just heeding for millions of coins, the Coin Master continues to be a deadly combination of chaotic thrill!

Now, one of the ‘apparent issues’ that some new players get to deal with is that they constantly keep running out of available spins. While it’s inevitable that you will run out of your spins at some point in your journey, it’s also true that Coin Master provides more than enough ways for players to score them back. Some ways to get those free spins are almost always right in front of you i.e. watch a video, invite a Facebook friend, exchange gifts with your friends, etc.

However, there are a couple more methods that aren’t just out there or very few people know about them. Today, we’ll be sharing 5 such hassle-free ways to score free spins on Coin Master. In this article, we’ll also be addressing some of the most repeatedly asked questions that our readers keep sending us plus some more tips to get you going.

We are positive that by the end of this article, you will never have to look up the internet for free spins; we are going to be completely transparent with you.

5 Ways To Get Free Spins In Coin Master That No One Would Tell You About

Without further ado, let’s get to the real deal. After this, we’ll also be sharing some more import tips, tricks, plus answers to your frequently asked questions. So, sit tight and keep reading.

  1. Email Subscription Will Give You Extra Spins

The email subscription is basically brand marketing; one of its applications is to attract the audience and the other is to keep that audience engaged with the brand. The Coin Master follows the same trend. When you sign up for emails, you will be receiving links in your emails that will offer you bonus rewards and free spins. You just have to keep an eye out for those links. Try following the link as soon as you receive one and claim your in-game rewards as soon as possible.

  1. Daily Links Are Goldmines

Another practice that gets your foot on goldmines of free spins is following the official handles of Coin Master on Twitter and Facebook. They regularly post links that you can open to claim free spins and coins. The cool thing is, not everybody in the game knows about this. But, since you do now, so, just log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, follow the official accounts of Coin Master, stay on top of your social media game, and you are all set.

  1. Joining Coin Master Communities

The players who are super into the game indulge in regular discussions on online forums. Together, people in these communities not only figure more things about the game but also get to know each other. These players also have increased opportunities to obtain missing cards by exchanging gifts, sending cards, coins, spins, and more. So, join a community, get involved, and you’ll start seeing the benefits right away!

  1. Focus On Levelling Up

There are a couple of things that you must note down from this section since these will certainly help you get thousands of free spins in the long run.

For starters, as you level up in the game, your village level increases. There are a total of 264 villages in the game. Each village has a specific XP level, reward amount, chests, etc. assigned to it. Firstly, try to collect and buy as many chests as you can because they’ll give you multiple cards from the low-level bracket. As your level increases, you will not be able to get your hands on cards from the low-level bracket and that’s when these chests will help you move forward; by helping you complete your card collections.

In addition to being vigilant about the chests, you should also know that as you level up, you will receive a higher number of rewards, spins, etc. So, that’s where you should focus on. Know that this game is more about playing smart than constant grinding.

  1. Complete Event Challenges

Lastly, it’s almost always that there is an ongoing event inside the game. Complete the challenges during an event to score free spins. The events are always a great opportunity to boost your rewards, XP, Pet XP, and more. So, make sure you are utilizing them well. Also, if you have any golden cards that aren’t of any use to you, make sure to exchange them with your friends during these events.

coin master free spins

Here’s Why Should You Never Cheat In Coin Master

While we are completely down for the ethical ways of scoring free spins in Coin Master, there also are some non-ethical means of doing so. However, the good news is that people who opt for such measures and ruin the experience of other players are banned from the Coin Master servers.

This should serve as a warning to those who try to rationalize cheating; please don’t go down that road. Instead, use the available means of generating free spins and it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone. We assure you that you can generate more than enough spins through the developer-provided mechanics.

How Do You Get Unlimited Spins On Coin Master?

Well, honestly, there is no way for you to get unlimited spins on Coin Master. If somebody claims that there is a possibility to score unlimited spins/coins in Coin Master, they are either scamming you or they are pulling you towards an unethical method that will ultimately get you banned.

Know this, any way of scoring free spins that takes place without the available mechanics of the game is unethical. If the option isn’t provided by the officials, it’s cheating. Therefore, the wiser choice would be to stick to the game protocols and not fall into such traps. Firstly, you will ruin other people’s experiences and hard-work. And second, you’ll get banned for it. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Are Daily Links Ethical/Legit For Getting Free Spins Coin Master?

Totally! The answer is yes. The Daily Links are completely ethical and they are provided by Moon Active itself. The purpose is to not only keep the players engaged, thirsty, and ready for more but to also balance out the in-game resources.

So, feel free to join the Social Media pages of Coin Master and get your hands on some free spins. Make sure you collect the rewards as soon as they are posted because the claims are almost always limited.

how to get coin master free spins

Free Spins Coin Master – Bonus Tips!

Before we conclude, here are some additional tips that we’ve learned over the last two years:

  • Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Chests have fixed probabilities for free spins. It’s guaranteed that whenever you buy one of these chests, you will receive a definite amount of free spins. The official probabilities of these chests can be found on the official website of Coin Master.
  • Cards and spins are correlated. You can buy chests for coins, collect cards, and get more spins. Similarly, you can take a spin in the Slots Machine to win even more coins.
  • Look for the Joker Card. It only becomes available for a short amount of time but it has the potential to take the place of any of your missing cards. Complete your collections as soon as possible so you get more spins, more coins, and more spins, again.
  • The auto-regeneration mechanism for spins can only store up to 50 spins. 5 spins are generated every hour. Therefore, always remember to utilize the spins in your account after every 10 hours. It will keep the cycle going.
  • Don’t hoard your coins because you are always prone to raids. If somebody raids you, they have an opportunity to steal all your coins – sometimes even millions.
  • Coin Master also has an Official Trading Group on Facebook, join that to make more friends, exchange more gifts, and gain access to even more features.
  • Be aware of the several fake Facebook groups, pages, and profiles on Facebook that promise fake rewards in return for likes, shares, etc.
  • Master heists are fun promotions but with fantastic prizes. Join in to receive even better rewards.
  • Keep at least three shields on at all times so if someone raids your base, you don’t lose all your coins. Because if you lost all your coins, you will have to say goodbye to your future rewards and XP upgrades. Also, as soon as all your shields are used, try to obtain more shields as soon as possible.

We hope that this guide assists you in developing the right approach that gets you free spins in Coin Master. If you don’t want to go through the struggle, you can always spend some dollars and buy the in-game coins/spins.

We crafted this article to not only help you understand the work mechanics of the game but to also inform you about some of the red flags that you may encounter along your way. Good luck!

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