The daily commute is a genuine struggle for many of us. The average travel time to work is 59 minutes, but for others, it might take hours. If you’re not driving, this is the ideal time to read a book, take sleep, or play one of the many games available on the App Store. We examine the top video games for everyday commutes.

Let us face it: when we have a spare minute, many instinctively go for our smartphones. It almost feels automatic, so why not start playing a new game to kill time instead of scrolling around social media or staring at your screen? These days, there are hundreds of excellent games accessible in app stores, but we have selected our top picks for commuters.


Online bingo has always been a well-liked game. In the past year, the number of players has dramatically increased, fostering a vibrant community and an ever-increasing variety of distinct variations. These days, many bingo games are accessible through apps, with innovative games attracting a whole new player base. With the game challenging your response time and focus, it’s a terrific commuter game and may also help your mind function effectively, making it perfect for getting you ready for a day at work.


Crash puzzles are among the top options for games to play during the daily commute, with games like Candy Crush and Homescapes being hugely popular. Another puzzle game that sweeps the globe, with carriages full of gamers in the morning, will undoubtedly debut in 2021.

Puzzle games are excellent for commutes to work since they may exercise your brain, with many of them being made to enhance cognitive abilities. Several of the most well-liked apps available today provide a selection of minigames designed to hone skills, including memory, language, mental agility, and concentration. There are over 30 games to choose from, so completing a month with one every day is a wonderful touch!

Action & Adventure

For many of us, the finest games for your everyday commute are not enjoyable. You may want to flee the crowded carriages and the loud passengers. While books can provide this, many people would rather lose themselves in a game. The best gaming applications for this take you on adventures and action-packed journeys.


Playing rummy card games while travelling is one of the many fun ways to pass the time on a protracted, otherwise boring, and perhaps lonely vacation. Rummy games need you to apply and concentrate on your analytical thinking abilities. It is important to vary it and partake in various other activities for wholesome pleasure. Rummy Tour offers online rummy games that you may play to improve your critical thinking abilities while having a great time.

Fantasy Cricket

In recent years, fantasy cricket has steadily gained popularity and is now played by millions worldwide. In India, cricket is more than simply a game; for certain people, it is a kind of worship. There is nothing that compares to the thrill of a close cricket match. So why limit yourself to only watching cricket when fantasy cricket allows you to deepen your passion for the sport?

Fantasy cricket has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now played by millions worldwide. Cricket is more than just a pastime in India; it is a kind of spirituality for certain individuals. Nothing can match the excitement of a tight cricket match. So, you no longer have to restrict yourself to only watching cricket when you can intensify your love for the game by playing fantasy cricket.

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