There is no denying that soccer is among the most anticipated sports that people worldwide love to watch. This is especially true for Singaporeans and Malaysians who watch and bet on it. Whether it’s the FA Cup, the Premier League, or COPA America, expect the people to flock to Singapore football betting to place their wagers. 

As with traditional betting, placing bets online also includes risks. Singaporean and Malaysian bettors need to be extra careful when bookmaking online. So, here are some reminders when you decide to engage in one.


Build a Bankroll

Money management is an essential factor when it comes to soccer betting. Setting a specific budget for betting not only helps one stay disciplined but also maintains good behavior.This is also an excellent way to prevent negative financial consequences should one experience loss. Most people who do not value building and sticking with their bankroll in online sport betting in Singapore face debts or bankruptcy.


Though some think of soccer betting as a simple game of chance, manybettors will beg to disagree. Professional bettors know that it isn’t about randomly picking players. As far as soccer betting is concerned, research is critical in making informed bets to increase the chance of winning. Factors like game statistics, goals scored, and records of injured players are vital in predicting the game’s outcome.


Chase Your Losses

Sometimes, a bettor can’t accept losing big and tend to chase after what they’ve already lost in the game. Don’t be like those who do. A bettor needs to stay grounded and realistic with their game expectations. This help limits the pressure that is present while watching the game and reduces the urge to get back on what might be a potential loss. Remember, you control the money, not the other way around.

Choose an Unreliable Betting Site

With the rise of numerous betting sites, it is safe to assume that not all online sportsbooks are legitimate and reliable. Beware of fraudulent betting sites that only aim to take your money as a bettor. 

In choosing a betting site, always look at the site’s web design. If it is poorly done, that will count as a red flag. Another is when it offers too good to be real bonuses. The best way to identify a reliable soccer betting website is by looking at the following:

  • A responsive customer support representative
  • Business operating licenses
  • Business background information
  • Reliable terms of service
  • Partner banks, etc.

Platforms like 88ProAsia, go for only the trusted gambling sites that are well known in the sportsbooks and casino industry. Check out this infographic to learn more.

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