Blackjack is a card game that doesn’t require a full table to play on. As long as you could play one-on-one agains the dealer, it should be okay. However, there are arguments made for playing blackjack at a full table? Is it really better? We investigate further on this.

Pros and Cons

Playing blackjack at a bigger table has its own pros and cons. Depending on the person, a bigger table may be a better place to do their playing, or it could be something that’s bad for them. Let us further enumerate:

  • Odds

For a single-deck blackjack game, or a game that is just between you and the dealer, there are more opportunities to get blackjack. But the dealer still has a bigger advantage, and it would be hard for you to count cards as the game moves at a faster pace between the player and the dealer.

  • Play Moves

Having a full-table is better for a player to strategise their move, since the other players can help distract from their hand. Play moves that can work to the advantage of a heads-up player are doubling down, splitting and placing side bets. With other players at the table, you can see how the cards are handed out, so you could adjust your bet accordingly.

  • Lose at a Slower Rate

At a full table, the distribution of cards is more vast, and there are chance for you to create more formations with your cards that are still winnable, even if they are not a natural blackjack. Compared to heads-up play, you will not be losing as much.

For a better idea, here is a table showing the hands per hour relates to the number of players:

Number of Players Average Number of Hands per Hour
7 55
6 65
5 75
4 90
3 110
2 150
1 250
  • More Surveillance at a Brick and Mortar Casino

While you can get in more hands when playing one-one with a dealer, you can also enjoy privacy from players who like to “butt in”. However, you also become more visible to surveillance people, who could track you if you are continuously winning or doing some kind of card counting.

  • More Players, Lower House Edge

At a full table, the dealer no longer has a solid advantage, as they have fewer chances to come up with a natural blackjack. You too, however, have a small chance of coming up with a blackjack yourself. But at the same time, you can devise more ways to play. You can find other ways to come up with a higher hand than the dealer without going over 21.

In a Nutshell


When it comes to playing heads-up or full-table, there is no correct answer. Online, a one-on-one game itself is a luxury, as most tables are always full of players. It would depend on the player’s level of comfortability, and their own discretion of what environment enables them to win more than lose. Trying it both ways will help a player get a feel for the style they want.