One of the most frequently asked questions in card playing when to hit in blackjack. This is a such a tricky game, that even if you know the rules, you think twice about hitting, there is a feeling of uncertainty whether your next card is worth it. Each new card could add to your hand’s value, but if the whole value goes over 21, you can get busted and automatically lose. After all, your bet is on the line here.

That is why we will help you out with knowing when to hit or stand in a blackjack game, so that you have a better chance of winning.

Hitting or Standing Depends on the Dealer’s Card

Apart from the value of cards you have influencing your decision on whether to hit or stand, you also need to consider the card that the dealer has left face-up. If it is an ace (wherein the dealer asks you to put in an insurance), there is a chance that the other card may be a face card, giving the dealer an instant blackjack, winning him the game.

Face-up card is a 10-value card:You would need a strong hand to counter this. If your two cards amount to 10 or lower, this is the sweet spot to ask for a hit. The biggest number that you could get on your next card may be a 10 or equivalent face card. If it is an ace, you could either play that as an 11 or a 1. In other words, you will never get busted when you have a hand of 10 or lower. However, if your hand is 17 and over, it is recommended that you stand and hope to win.

Face-up card is7, 8,9: It is clear that they won’t get a blackjack; thus your odds of winning increase. However, they could still get up to 17 or above, so you still need a strong hand. You should hit if you have 9 or less, or 12-16, and stand if your hand totals to 17 or more.

Face-up card is 4, 5, 6: With each of these cards showing in the dealer’s hand, it is important for you not to bust. If you have 8 or less in total, you can hit. If you have a hand that is 12 or higher, it is best to stand.

Face-up card is 3: It is best to hit on any hand with a total of 8 and below, or 12. If you have 13 or over, it is best to stand.

Face-up card is 2: Hit on any hand that is 9 or less, and stand on any hand that is 12 or over.

Don’t “Hit and Miss” From Now On!

One thing to remember: This doesn’t always apply if you have a two-of-a-kind hand (which you could split for a better chance at winning). However, the decision to split such a hand also has its best practices, which we shall be discussing in a separate post.

Till then, try this guide of when to hit in blackjack in your personal time, or even when playing online live casino to get a feel of it. Remember also not to bet too much when you are starting out, to avoid risk of shrinking your bankroll. Best of luck to you!

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